Fire Pits are En Vogue – Hiring a Landscaping Professional Creates the Best Results!

With the cold, wet nights of the winter behind us, many of us are looking to the garden to see what improvements need to be carried out, in order to get the maximum benefit from spending time outside in the warmer months. BBQ’s and picnic benches are being dusted down and prepared for parties and long summer nights. And many people are now also installing fire pits in their gardens, both for aesthetics and to warm themselves as the summer nights turn cool.

Hiring A Landscaping Professional Yields The Greatest Results:

If you are considering installing a fire pit in your garden, the best results will be obtained by hiring a landscaping company to carry out the work. You will be advised as the best place to install the pit (it may not be where you thought!), and will have the benefit of having a finely constructed fire pit, made from the best materials for long lasting effect.

Sweetheart Swing Integration:

While some orders are happy to simply pull up a deck chair or garden bench beside the fire pit, others opt to have a frame erected around it, usually made from sleepers. If you visit Landscaping Henderson Pro’s website you will get an idea as to how this looks. Sweetheart swings can be integrated into these frames to create a stunning looking design around your fire pit, a place where you and your visitors or guests will be naturally drawn to.

How Long Is the Process, and is it Pricey:

The pricing question is a tricky one to address, akin to “how long is a piece of string”, as materials chosen will be a factor. Of course, the better the quality of materials used, the more costly the project will be. That being said, better quality materials also mean longer life. As regards the length of the process, generally the project can be completed in a couple of days. The sleepers are usually set in concrete, and the pit may also be cemented into the ground. Your landscaper may return the day after the initial concreting has been performed, to fit additional things such as the sweetheart swings, and to disperse fine stones around the stonework of the pit for added effect.

Fire Pits are a stunning addition to any garden, and will be a real talking point among your friends. People will be clambering to get invites to your next BBQ event to check it out!

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Why Hiring A Landscaping Professional For Garden Drainage Issues Is Best

Have you recently purchased a property, and found that the surrounding gardens tend to get swamped whenever it rains? Or is this an issue that you have been living with for some time, and has been on the “to do” list for what feels like forever? This seems to be a pretty substantial issue in the past 15 to 20 years, as the housing boom has led to some shoddy practises in garden completion by building firms.

The Last Thing You Want To Find Out:

Many people decide to tackle this issue themselves, based on self help articles on the internet, and in magazines. So, when the weather gets good enough, out come the shovels, and work commences. However, what many people are horrified to discover is what lies beneath the soil. When they dig down, they often find that much of the building material that was on site when the house was being built, still remains beneath the dirt. Often times there can even be compacted stone and fine gravel, used by the builders as a roadway for machinery to pass over while the house is being built. This alone can act as a barrier to drainage.

hand on grass

Why Hiring a Landscaper Makes Sense:

There are many factors that can affect your drainage quality in your garden, and while the above example may seem like a worse case scenario, it is often times the norm unfortunately. Professional landscapers encounter this issue more and more these days, so are used to dealing with this effectively. It can be very hard to decide how to treat this kind of situation yourself, but a landscaping professional will be able to create the correct channels subsurface, to ensure adequate drainage for your garden.

Removing the Offending Material:

If it is discovered that there is indeed compacted hard material underneath your soil, most or all of this will need to be removed. For this reason alone, hiring a landscaper is essential, as many of the tools required, such as jackhammers and removal skips, are not general items found in garden sheds! And with all of that material now gone, additional soil will be needed to build your garden back up to the correct level. Your landscaper will have access to the best topsoil available, to ensure the correct balance of nutrients for great grass growth.

So if you need your drainage problems sorted out, don’t think twice – hire a professional landscaper!

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